How much does Insurance agent actually earns?

Even wonder how much does an insurance agent really earns? The amount will shock you.

Why We Need You?

You might have heard this more than you think? But why do we really need you? It’s not because of money, trust me!

How to become an Insurance Agent?

If you’re thinking of becoming an insurance agent, join us. It’s way easier to work in a team!

Becoming an insurance agent is not another sales job; it’s an opportunity designed to help people protect who and what matters most. 

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Sharon is the insurance person I go to. I text her every time I need help with regards to all my policies and she is always available to answer them readily or will have a solution to the queries I raised to her. I am a super busy person but Sharon will always try to fit into my schedule and makes it a point to have a catchup with me bi-annually to ensure I’m sufficiently covered. I’m really happy I finally got an agent that takes such good care of me and my concerns.



Sharon has been helping us with our insurance and investment requirements for last 8 years. She is very good at her knowledge of the products and also at helping customers understand how the products fit their requirements. She is always transparent about the pros and cons and presents a balanced picture, which helps choose what is right. We are thankful to her for being there to help us make those important decisions ! All the best to you Sharon !!

Prakash Udit


“Sharon has been a dedicated advisor and friend over the past few years. At every major checkpoint in life, she has been there, helping me to ensure that I plan for the life I want. More than a financial advisor selling financial products, she has sought to understand my joys, frustrations and confusions, and to help me understand the financial implications of my choices. I wish her all the best as she takes on more responsibility in the personal finance and insurance industry!”

Qi Xiang

MOE Teacher

I have been working with Sharon for some time now and it is really nice having someone to personally manage your investments and insurance policies. It really saves a lot of time and hassle from having to call a general hotline and having to speak to someone and explaining your situation just to file claims or make enquiries. Sharon knows her stuff really well and makes suggestions accordingly to what suits you best. Sharon is also very approachable and responsive whenever I go to her with questions or doubts and is always more than happy to help me out. Sharon also makes it a point to regularly keep in touch with me so that I am always aware of any updates on my policies or generally to refresh my memory on what I’m covered for. This is very helpful when you have so many things to remember but so little brain memory space! My whole family has policies that is managed by her simply because we trust her.

Nur Fazelah

Early Childhood Teacher

Sharon Tan

Associate Financial Services Manager

Mobile: 97387349

Email: [email protected]

Address:  51 Scotts Rd, #01-01, Singapore 228241

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