This was exactly what I did 8 years ago. As a Fresh Graduate from university, it is now time for me to step out into the working world. Having graduated from Banking & Finance, the conventional route for me was of course to work in a Bank.

Before i went on to pursue my degree, i took a gap year and worked in Maybank. I also did an internship with Deutsche Bank before. I really thought that for the rest of my life, I will definitely be working in the Bank just that I wasnt sure what position will I be doing yet.

However, things took a turn when I was working as a admin assistant for my boss. He knew that I was going to graduate soon and so he offered me to be a Financial Consultant. Like many, when I first heard this, my immediate response was no, I am not interested. Having experienced financial consultants approaching me through roadshows back then as a student formed a stigma in me that in order to be a financial consultant and succeed, I must be someone who is extroverted, aggressive. I’m someone who is totally opposite. Being introverted, I have never thought of being in a front line role. Even if I had choose to work in a bank, definitely it will not be front line.

When my boss first heard my response, he said to me, Sharon that’s exactly why you should be in this career. Initially I didnt really understand why but I know why later on. People want a Financial Consultant who truly care for them and being there for them and not someone who just pushes products.

I decided to step out of my comfort zone 8 years ago and took on the career to be a Financial Consultant. There are much I gained through the choice I made. I can have the freedom to decide how much income I want & deserve to get, the time when my family needs me I could avail myself. Of course, the number of friends I made through this career, clients becoming friends. These are things I will never have if I had went to a Bank. I do not be part of the rat race.

Success Happens When We Leave Our Comfort Zone

I have definitely grown as a person as this career has developed me not just skills wise but in terms of worldview & how I think. The people you hang out with & the books you read will determine who you will become. Putting yourself in a right environment is important as it will determine your growth.

If you want to experience a change in your life, start acting on it. Step out of your comfort zone & you will experience it for yourself. You will never know your true potential until you do it to find out.

How Willing Are You To Step Out Into The Unknown And Do Something New?