What We Do Everyday

Building Your Clientele

Daily prospecting is important especially in your initial years of your career. Most of the new agents will approach their friends & family members first as there is already trust in the relationship. From there, the friends & family members will then refer their circle of friends to the agent.

There are many ways to prospect & there is no definite one way to do it. Each individual agent has their own strength. The common ways of prospecting would be approaching your friends & family members and from there you build further network. We call it the warm market approach.

Cold market approach would be cold calling, roadshows, street prospecting, door knocking & nowadays digital marketing as well.

We also work with HR in companies to insure employees for their medical.

Your first step as an agent is to fix up your appointments for each week.

What Happens at Appointment?

You will be going through a fact-finding process to understand your client’s needs & goals in life. With the information gathered, you will then analyse their net worth and financial situation before advising what policies are suitable for them. We help our clients in various areas such as insurance which covers death, disability, illnesses, hospitalisation, accident, savings & investments for their wealth accumulation goals. 


Client Servicing

Client servicing is a critical part after closing the sales as we are in a relational business. Building relationships and maintaining them with your clients are important. Annual reviews, updating them about changes in the industry which can impact them are part of client servicing. When situation arises and claims need to be administered, be there for them and help them through the whole process.


Personal Development

To keep abreast with changes in the financial industry, we would be attending in house trainings and external courses to equip ourselves with the knowledge and expertise so that we can advice our clients better.



For leaders, they will be mentoring new agents and guide them as they journey in the career. This is essential so that when new agents join the agency, they will have the support needed.